Listening With A Psychic Ear

When Psychics talk about hearing something what do they mean? For me, it is thoughts with a very different vibration than my own thoughts. I have heard voices with my ears as well but when I am getting information from a spirit or my Holy Spirit Guide it is an impression on my thoughts of what they are saying. Best way to help you understand, that little voice inside you that you know you should have listened to but you did not. The biggest problem that people and at times that includes psychics, they do not always trust that voice, they hear it but they do not trust it, maybe because it seems like it would be too hard to accomplish. The only way to trust that voice it to take action, if it is telling you to do something then do it. An important thing to remember is that your Holy Spirit Guide or your inner voice would never tell you to do anything to harm yourself or someone else!

What is your story, how do you listen with your psychic ear?

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